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Foreign employees (English)

Employment entails that the same requirements are set for foreign citizens as those set for Norwegian employees:

  • ​You must be able to communicate in written and oral Norwegian

  • You must be able to present a valid work and residence permit when required

  • You must present a professional authorisation document when required to do so

  • You must have a police certificate when required, for example for work involving children and mentally disabled persons

  • You must submit documentation that you have received necessary vaccinations

Main requirements for residence and work permits:

  • EEA/EFTA/EU citizens do not need to apply for a residence permit (with the exception of Romania and Bulgaria)

  • Citizens of the Nordic countries have a standing work permit in Norway

  • Skilled and trained employees (for example nurses and doctors) outside the EEA receive a residence permit valid up to 6 months (this does not apply for nationals of countries that must have a visa for entry into Norway)

  • If you have a temporary residence and work permit, you must inform your employer of this fact. Your work permit must be renewed at least one month before it expires

  • Everyone is required to register – you do this via UDI's homepage. (Forms and agreements regarding work and residence)

  • Information and registration forms concerning documentation to obtain a tax deduction card, D number, national identity number, etc., can be found on the New in Norway Internet pages​

  • To open a bank account in Norway (required to receive salary payments), you will need a Norwegian national identity number – you can find the information via New in Norway

  • The Norwegian Tax Administration also provides good information and guidance.

Adjustments to accommodate diversity and policy:

Employees are our most important resource. We strive to attract the very best professionals, and we will make adjustments so that all employees will feel comfortable in the workplace and perform at their best.

The health enterprise shall ensure that diversity in the population is reflected  to the greatest extent possible in its hiring practices. Therefore, one of our personnel policy objectives is to achieve a balanced mix in terms of gender and age, and to recruit qualified persons with immigrant backgrounds.

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Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF) is responsible for the public hospitals in Northern Norway.
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